Neuromuscular Massage

 Tracie's specialty!  Neuromuscular massage, also referred to as "Trigger Point Myotherapy", is a sought-after and highly-praised massage technique, recommended for individuals, who suffer with chronic pain.  Regular, targeted neuromuscular massage is helpful in managing chronic pain.  See Tracie's discounted massage packages below to begin regular massage therapy sessions with her! 

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

 Swedish massage is the most common massage therapy, which is based on the Western world's concepts of anatomy and physiology.  As you may have guessed, the Swedish massage was developed in Sweden.  This style of massage may  have varying degrees of pressure, based on the massage therapist's own personal techniques.  If you have never had a massage, Swedish is a great way to start! 

Deep Tissue Massage

The purpose of a deep tissue massage is to target deeper tissue structures of the body's muscles and connective tissue.  It is similar in form to the ever-popular Swedish massage, however, the pressure will be more intense.  The deep tissue massage is ideal for individuals with chronic muscle tension, as it aids greatly in releasing the "knots".  This form of massage should not hurt, but it could bring about a little more discomfort than the Swedish massage.  It will likely take a series of deep tissue massages to produce the desired result. 

Special Pricing for Massage Packages

 Indulge in Tracie's massage packages!  Tracie offers specially-discounted pricing for massage services packages, for those, who like to have massage therapy on a regular basis.  Whether once or twice per month for pain management, or to complement your otherwise busy and stressful life every two months or so, or perhaps a simple indulgence a couple of times a year, Tracie has packages with pricing that are sure to please!