Preparing for Your Massage


Preparing for Your Massage
Latham Therapeutic Massage - Huntersville, North Carolina

So, you're ready to treat yourself to one of Tracie's massage services!  Maybe you have had a massage before, or this could be your first time.  Tracie's clients experience the best service, each one tailored to the client's wishes and needs.  To ensure that you are open to fully experience the relaxation and healing aspects of massage, Tracie would like to recommend some very simple preparation practices.Don't feel stressed - these are easy tips to follow, which require very little time and effort!

  • If you have a medical condition that may be adversely affected by massage, seek medical clearance from your managing physician beforehand.
  • Do not schedule anything important or particularly stressful immediately following your massage.  This will help you remain in a state of relaxation long after your massage.
  • Properly hydrate before and after your massage.  Massage works to release toxins and minerals from your muscles, and proper hydration will aid the circulatory system in ridding your body of these toxins.  Without release of these materials, a build-up will occur, and could cause soreness in the muscles after a massage.
  • Dress simply and comfortably when getting ready for your appointment.
  • If you have any questions before your service, consult with Tracie about any concerns, or about what you may expect.